Expectations Met

success is found when
we know what we're aiming for


First Amy will consult with you regarding your situation and truly listen to what problem you need solved. Each client is unique and each design and marketing plan is unique as well. A custom solution can be expected for each project.

Estimates and Phases

After the consultation, you will receive a write up regarding the scope of the project with an estimated schedule and bid. Usually this is broken up in different Phases, such as:

Conception Phase: Where research, ideas and strategy is presented and creative art direction is determined.

Proofs Phase: Each project is estimated to have up to three proofs. Depending on size and scope this can be reduced or increased to make sure that we aren't creating more work for simple project or creating errors by not having ample time to review the details.

  1. Initial Proof: A rough draft of design concept with open dialogue about direction. This is when we nail down the design and concept.
  2. Proof 2: A refined version of the the initial proof. Sometimes this can be reworked an additional time if there is a miscommunication. But overall this is the stage where we are mostly reviewing the details, facts, including spelling—not so much the design. There will be one more proof before print, but at this point design changes will cost extra.
  3. Final Proof: During this proof we mostly are crossing checking that the requests in Proof 2 were made. And double checking for factual mistakes. 

Production Phrase: This is when final design is sent to client, developer or production house for reproduction. Amy will oversee the project to completion and make sure that the details expressed during the design stages are executed perfectly.

Many times during projects there are unexpected situations and information that presents itself that can cause delay or added expenses that were unavailable during the estimating process. Amy values a fluid process where communication is open and will always keep you informed if changes are necessary.

Payment Schedule

Projects tend to vary in length and cost. The expectations of payment are open for discussion and will be clearly laid out for each individual project. As a general rule however, Amy requests 25% of the bid at the beginning of each phase.